Friday, August 8, 2008

Pee white, pee right!

So, these last two days have been a little different from what we had planned and/or expected. We woke up yesterday and out of 21 of us players, there were about 12 who were mostly healthy(5 who felt absolutely and totally healthy)... dehydration has struck and struck hard!!! (hence the title of this post- it has become our new motto for hydration) Yesterday those of us who were healthy did what we could to help out the sick, and those who were sick- well, they rested and drank. It was a refreshing day of rest that everyone needed. In the afternoon there was a group of us that went shopping for a little bit to get our and stretch the legs, we also got our picture taken for the local paper. After that a few of us had an opportunity to make an appearance on channel 6- Pucallpa's public tv station.

Last night we played in the Women's Futbol Tournament of Pucallpa, we played the local university's club team. Several of the girls were feeling better so we had about 17 go to the game last night, not all played, because we didn't want to send them back to the sick side. Today has been similarly low key, an opportunity for rest and recovery for everyone. We are all nearly recovered, but we are sad to know that one of our teammates might have to head home early. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as our team's health throughout the next week.

We feel a little stuck because we aren't doing as much these last two days, but we are still seeing God move and work around us. We are seeing him heal our teammates, and we are getting opportunities to minister to each other. Also, last night we were informed that as a result of our visit here, there is a university team here that is going to be starting up a women's soccer program! It's been a blessing to get to know the people here, and make some friends, we've been blessed by many of them and hopefully we are doing the same for them.

Despite whatever satan has been trying to send our way with illnesses, we are still thrilled to be in Peru with each other playing soccer everyday and spreading the love of God! Please continue to pray for us as we go throughout the next week. -Messer

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our jungle home

This was our jungle home for the last 2 days. And this is our sports minister.

The Plane and the View

Back in Pucallpa

We made it in and out of the jungle and we are all well. Half the crew took a dugout canoe with an outboard motor into Santa Rosita. The other half went on three trips by sea plane. Its a plane that takes off and lands on water. So it left from the SAM base (South American Missions) and landed on the Ucayali river right in front of the village of Santa Rosita. It was awesome. We played in a tournament there and gave our testimonies after every game and at the night church. The Sports ministers told us that the Grace Women were huge in every way. They shared the gospel and played well. Overall the pastors were overwhelmed with the other villagers who said
this was awesome. Here are some pictures before we head to bed. Were at the hotel in Pucallpa tonight. -mv

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday and Going off line

It is awesome to hear from you all and to know that you are praying for us!!! Keep praying. All is well. We have had only minor setbacks in health. One with alergies, 2 with sore throats and a couple with heat rash but all are still going strong.

We will try to post more pictures. The upload speed is slow so it takes atleast 10 minutes per picture. So its very loaborious. We are on it though.

Saturday was a big game vs. the Shipibo Indians in the stadium in town. They are tough. They borrowed jerseys and most had shoes. They tackle hard with no shin pads and barefeet! We went to pizza with the Universidad team and made many inroads for Christ that night. Praise the Lord.

Today, Sunday, was our day of rest, yeah right, and we went to the Shipibo church where we worked the clinic. Wow. We will post the video of worship. It was like stregnth training. They are truly joyous! 2.5 hours later, the women said it was awesome. We took a tiki tiki ride on the Ucayali (Amazon headway) to the zoo. We saw monkey, Ocelot (kind of jaguar) and also an anaconda. It just about knocked me over when I held it. It was about 7 Yards long and extremely heavy! The boat ride back turned into a water war with splashing and water bottles. Just about everyone got wet. No matter what anyone says Messer started it. Later we walked the market and got a true taste of daily life and descrimination of the Mestizo and Shipibo Indian. We are learning so much about the Peruvian cultures and people groups that make up Peru.

At 6am half of us leave by boat to Santa Rosita. It takes 3 hours by river. The other half leave by water plane and that takes 20 minutes. Huh. Missionary air is amazing true? we will be out of contact until late Wednesday night and we will post then. The Shipibo are fired up about us being here. They feel honored that we would take notice of them. It is a truly humbling experience. We are pioneering soccer for these women and every person we play is open to listen to the gospel. We have presented the gospel and had so many one on one contacts with players there are too many to number. Despite the language barrier God bring commonalities to many each time we try to communicate. Over 20 villages were represented at the Sports ministry clinic and there will be over 10 teams in the jungle tournament we are going to. Pray that God would open the doors of their heart to salvation and set them free in Christ Jesus. The tournament is put on by a sports minister from the church so there will be a team of native Christians speaking to the players form all over the deep jungle basin.

Santa Rosita will be the most stretching part of our trip for and very demanding for our team. 3 days in the jungle. Pray we have strength from Christ and the team is renewed by the Holy Spirit.

Sorry to tease you all but we have many picture that you won't believe, we'll post them Wednesday.

God is at work in Peru and we have seen His handiwork. Thank you for partnering in prayer for and with us!! Peace in Christ. mv

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 3 ..or something like that....

Today we started out early heading to the village to run the camp, we spent from 9-12, teaching drills, and playing games. It's always fun when we arrive at this village because once we pull in, all the kids come out and once the bus passes they just start chasing after it, screaming and laughing all the way to the field (it's also the same way when we leave, chasing our bus for as long as their little legs can go). It was good and hot today!, but everyone was enthusiastic and ready to play some f'utbol! Yesterday when we arrived they had a small band that welcomed us with a song(which was incredible!), so today we decided to sing a song for them. After the clinic we had a little down time before playing a couple games in the evening. After our games we had some great opportunities to share with the opposing teams and talk to them. Every night it has absolutely amazed me the way that the Peruvians are coming out to support us. Last night the group from our camp was able to come, and entered the stadium cheering for us and yelling like we were some kind of a big deal. Tonight we played at a university and in the stands there was a decent amount of people, but even better were the drums and horns they brought and used all night long!!! They're enthusiasm and support for us absolutely blows me away. It's been really fun and is opening up some great doors of opportunity. Despite the language barrier that some have, God seems to be really breaking down walls and creating opportunities for everyone to connect with the girls on the other teams. We are excited to see what is going to happen in the upcoming days and weeks!

....and here are a few pictures from the camp at the village, the group at the camp, and one with one of the teams we played tonight.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pucallpa's Official Stadium

It was a really nice stadium. It was some quality time on a quality pitch. Its the best field down here.